Sona Jewelers was founded by Chaman Nayar in 1989. As a recent immigrant, Chaman was looking for a business that would honor his heritage while also providing for his growing family. At the time, there was no centralized South Asian market in New Jersey and with his investment and a lot of hard work, Chaman opened his fledgling store.

Word spread and soon Sona Jewelers was being recognized for its beautiful designs and its honest service. What started as humble beginnings has since grown into one of the leading luxury jewelers in the tri-state area. In fact, today, Chaman is respected as one of the pioneers of what now is known as “Little India.”

In 1996, Chaman handed over the reigns to his sons, Rahul and Chetan, who have modernized the brand with their fashion-forward designs and cutting-edge jewelry making techniques. Today, the Sona Jewelers brand is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and artisanal design and details that continue to honor the rich heritage of India, both ancient and contemporary.


How Our Jewelry is Made

The journey of each piece of jewelry showcased at Sona Jewelers begins as a sketch from one of the brand’s artisans. The sketch is then refined, designated stones and metals and then forged in the company’s own workshops. The designs are inspired by international runways and jewelry shows and materials are sourced from exotic locations as Italy, Dubai, Hong Kong, Pakistan and, of course, India and the United States. Much of the brand’s success lies in the quality of their hand-selected gems, their insistence on always using materials of the highest available standard and in educating their clientele on making informed decisions on their purchases.

Clients may also commission jewelry pieces, according to their personal needs, particularly when it comes to engagement rings. Sona Jewelers knows that each story is unique and hence, our own certified diamond experts work closely with each couple to create a ring that honors their bond. We carry GIA-certified diamonds in a wide range of colors and cuts and specialize in 18-22kt gold and platinum.


Our Commitment

Sona Jewelers is a family-owned business and remains committed to the surrounding community by supporting many philanthropic efforts particularly those that encourage young girls and empower women.