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Sona Jewelers Celebrates Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: Sona Jewelers, a family-owned business, looks forward to Mother’s Day when they can celebrate all the mothers in their community. This year, the jewelry store honored mothers by offering a gift of a Gold and Crystal Flower Pendant with a purchase of diamond jewelry. Additionally, a spokesmodel dressed in beautiful Indian attire, greeted guests and Instagrammed a few lucky ones as they shopped for their new jewelry pieces.

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The Rise of Rose Gold

The fashion industry has long been obsessed with the color they have dubbed “Millennial Pink.” Lying somewhere between “Luxury” and “Fashion,” perhaps it was Apple’s move to offer a Rose Gold iPhone or the Rose Gold Beats by Dr Dre’s headphones that caused the frenzy, but Millennial Pink is a color that is genderless and, according to Pantone, calming and reassuring.

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