The fashion industry has long been obsessed with the color they have dubbed “Millennial Pink.” Lying somewhere between “Luxury” and “Fashion,” perhaps it was Apple’s move to offer a Rose Gold iPhone or the Rose Gold Beats by Dr Dre’s headphones that caused the frenzy, but Millennial Pink is a color that is genderless and, according to Pantone, calming and reassuring.

Trends in jewelry are also following suit with actual rose gold becoming the metal of choice for fashion forward consumers. The shade of rose gold is achieved by adding a small amount of copper to the mix that makes up 18kt gold. The result is a younger, flirtier shade of gold that is strong enough to create a wide range of delicate designs.

Our designers at Sona Jewelers have been offering rose gold jewelry since 2014 in all forms, but what has become most coveted amongst our clients is the rose gold engagement ring. Not only is it a beautiful piece, the shade is resonating with brides looking for a fresh design of engagement rings that has the longevity to go on to become a new classic.

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