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12 Super Special Gifts for the Newborn Baby in Your Family

12 Super Special Gifts for the Newborn Baby in Your Family
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The day you had been waiting for is going to be here soon. You’re going to be able to hear the coos of a child in your family. And sure enough, you can’t contain your happiness. Welcoming a newborn into the world has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world, right? Show the parents how happy you are with the arrival of this bundle of joy into your lives with these gifts! Take a look...


  1. A Bunch of Bibs Oh, the importance of bibs! There’s a 90% chance that the parents have already bought bibs, but they’re probably going to be ruined soon. Drooly babies keep us entertained but need a number of bibs through the day. So just gift the parents of this newborn baby a pack of high-quality cute bibs. Organic cotton and fleece make some of the best materials for bibs.



  1. The Arrival Set Newborns have super sensitive skin, and parents are very careful about what they put on their child. So be smart and gift the child with high-end skincare products. Gift sets work well because they help parents in picking out the products that are better for their child. After this, they could buy bigger bottles and admire your thoughtful gift.

If you are a close family member and wish to gift something personal to this newborn, you could opt for a gold bracelet like this from Sona Jewelers.


  1. Bath Time Products Babies don’t go out of the house as often as we do, but they still get dirty. To make sure that the newborn in your family is a clean and happy ball of smiles, you could gift the parents with bath sets that are sensitive enough for baby’s skin.


  1. Softy Fuzzy Socks Babies get cold feet in a jiffy, so they need cute socks to keep their feet warm. No matter what season the newborn is coming to your house, socks are a great gift. Here’s the reason: Socks get lost. If adults can lose their socks, then the baby socks would be easy to lose in the chaos that parents are in.



  1. Pacifiers You’ll find thousands of designs in pacifiers, today. This doesn’t mean they fulfill the sole purpose of looking cute, but make sure that it’s safe for a baby to suck on it. They help in avoiding SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as the newborn naps or sleeps at night, making the parents feel at ease.


  1. Wrapped in a Blanket To be honest, one of the most adorable gifts to give a newborn has to be a soft and cute blanket. Such blankets will provide a sense of security to the child and will have a soft surface that they can explore. Who knows, maybe they’ll get so attached to it that they’ll sleep with it until they grow up!


  1. Teether It’s almost like newborns take no time in starting to teeth and so a teething safe toy should be a hit with the new parents. The appropriate size of a teether should be such that it can reach the molars but no further than that. A good teether will soothe the newborn’s gums and stop them from constantly crying.



  1. Growth Promoting Toys Children grow very fast, and they have a higher grasping power than adults. Newborns, especially are highly reactive and can sense motion and feel touch. So just like tickling kids can develop their sense of touch, various toys could help with other sensory receptors. Blocks and balls are some of the most common toys.


  1. Gold Jewelry A lot of cultures, even today, prefer giving gold jewelry to newborns, considering the auspiciousness of the metal. Close relatives and friends who can afford the same can buy a cute pair of earrings or a bracelet for the newborn. Consider it as an investment in the baby’s future.



  1. Double C’s Footwear What the double C’s essentially translates to is Classy and Comfortable shoes! Yes, a newborn will not know how to walk, but they will still need a cute pair of shoes or two to enhance the outfit their parents will pick out! Imagine, dressed amazing top to bottom, but with bare feet. Not a good look, right? So go out and buy the baby some cute baby shoes!



  1. Quality Bedding The parents must have already invested in a crib for their newborn. So what you can do now, is gift them some super soft and sewn by hand kind of bedding that will help their child fall asleep easily. They’ll probably have tears of joy the next time they see you. Such high-end beddings will enhance the decor of the baby’s room as well.



  1. Onesies Ahh! The sweetest of all the clothes! Onesies are a great gift option for newborns because they’ll probably have to be changed a 100 time through the day. There are so many soft and pretty designs available in these onesies that probably you’ll end up wanting one too! Make sure that the onesies you are buying have diaper access to make the parent's jobs a tad bit easy.


So, with these 12 options and any more that you can think of, you can easily please your newborn and their parents as well. If you look close enough, you’ll be able to find several other inspirations for gift ideas for a newborn in your family. They are a perfect way of showing how happy you are with this new addition to your world. You want to be thoughtful while selecting a gift since parents can be very sensitive during this period of welcoming their newborn.

If you want, you could also opt for some personalized gifts which could portray the idea of love and togetherness. You could be on top of the list of these new parents and the baby as well with certain kinds of gifts. Sona Jewelers is a family-owned business. We remain committed to the surrounding community by supporting many philanthropic efforts, particularly those that encourage young girls and empower women to reach great heights. We inspect each and every diamond that comes in and moves out of the house in every piece of jewelry. All of our jewelry is certified under GIA.

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