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Wedding Band: Walking Down the Aisle and Flaunting in Style!

Wedding Band: Walking Down the Aisle and Flaunting in Style!
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Finally, you have proposed to her, and she has said YES!

However, you must have realized that proposing to her was easier than choosing a wedding band for each other.

But why fear when we are here?

A wedding band symbolizes your pure eternal love, affection, care, and commitment towards your spouse. As your wedding band holds such a deep meaning, you truly deserve a perfect one.

Choosing a wedding band that goes well with your engagement ring is a significant step, and it should be taken consciously. One of the reasons behind saying that is that you will wear the same wedding band for the rest of your life. So, you need to make sure that you are totally in love with your wedding band. 

Whether you are sure about what wedding band you want or you are scratching your head in absolute confusion, we are here for your rescue. Head on to know how we can make your task as easy as ABC.  

Are you Ready to Find a Perfect Wedding Band for your Significant Other? A Road Map to Selecting Your Quintessential Wedding Band.


Choosing a Metal that is the same as your Engagement Ring’s Metal

You will want to choose a ring that is of the same metal as your engagement ring. This is because they will match and complement each other.

You may think that platinum and a white gold metal-bound ring may look good together, and that is true. It looks good when they are new, but metals wear differently, so after wearing them together for some years, you may not like wearing them together at all.  


Make sure your Engagement and Wedding ring have Something in Common

You do not have to buy something that completely matches your engagement ring. But try buying something that has at least has a repeated element. It can be either the same-shaped diamond or the same engraving style. 

This way, it will enhance your style when you wear both your rings together.


Select a Metal you will Wear Forever

There was a time when you had only two metal options, i.e., silver or gold. Now, you have a range of popular metals from which you can select your band. White gold, platinum, yellow gold, titanium, rose gold, palladium, and many others which you can use to create your stylish wedding band. 

You can go creative or traditional, or even a muse of both - the choice is ultimately yours. So, put on your thinking caps and come up with an innovative style statement.  


Complement with an Existing Engagement Ring

Ask your fiancé from where did he purchase your engagement ring. Head out to the same store and look for other options that will complement your existing engagement ring.  

If your engagement ring was purchased online, look for some online jewelers. Try to choose a wedding band that matches well with your engagement ring.

Whether you are purchasing online or in-store, go with what your heart says and desires! 


Take your Time

Do not expect to find your perfect wedding band in the very first shop. Do not be in a hurry while choosing your wedding band. You will wear your wedding band forever, so take all the time to check out all the different options in styles, textures, width, etc.

Your wedding band says a lot about your style and personality. Make sure you choose a wedding band that adds to your style statement and allures your personality.


Think about your Work

What is your job? Does it require physical energy? If yes, you need to buy a metal that is strong and won’t wear out soon. Platinum and palladium can be two options for the groom.

A Channel Ring will be a perfect option for the bride as it gives extra security to the embedded diamonds in the ring. 




(Source: Sona Jewelers)


Know the 4 Cs

Before you purchase your wedding band, you must understand the 4C’s of a ring. The 4C’s are Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. These 4C’s will majorly determine the quality of your ring. To buy the perfect wedding band, ensure that you know what all the 4C’s mean. 


It isn’t Necessary to Match your Ring with your Spouse

Gone are the days when both the bride and groom used to match their wedding bands. A wedding band defines your style. So, buy the one that empowers your personality. 

Your partner may have some different style preferences, so do not stress over it. Buy something that you like.

An added advantage of buying a wedding band you love is that you will wear it all the time and you will also take great care of the same.


Don’t Pick a Band that will Overpower your Engagement Ring

Your wedding band is kind-of-like a second piece to your set. Let your engagement ring do the shinning and let your wedding band gorgeously add to it, just like a cherry on the cake.

For example, if your engagement ring has many diamonds, try buying your wedding band with either one small diamond at the center or even go with a band with no diamonds.

Your wedding band speaks a lot about your relationship with your spouse, and thus, it is one of the most strenuous decisions you will come across during your wedding planning process.

Hope these golden tips have made your task easier.

Excited to select your dream wedding band?


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