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7 New Jewelry Trends You're Going to See Everywhere This Fall

7 New Jewelry Trends You're Going to See Everywhere This Fall
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Long dripping stones, shining pearls, and supersized ornaments may not have been a regular part of your daily life in the past few years. Still, there are always some statement pieces in your jewelry collection that instantly spark joy, even if your WFH wardrobe is dimming your natural swag.

The Fashion Month 2021 was recently concluded in a socially distanced manner, and the Fall/Winter collection made two things quite evident about the upcoming trends. Firstly, the relevance of jewelry in creating a unique fashion statement has not diminished in these confusing times. Secondly, “extra” will be the new normal in the coming months.

After months of wearing flimsy clothing alternatives to beat the summer heat, reshuffling and repurposing your wardrobe for the fall and winter months is always a refreshing experience for fashion lovers. The gradual temperature drop is the perfect indication that it's time to pack up the see-through cotton and ripped jean shorts and stock up on some real clothing options. A pair of sturdy boots here, some fabulous sweaters there, and you’re already half done! Now all you need to do is update your jewelry for a definitive final touch.

Fall is the time to leave the summer behind and reinforce your wardrobe against the nipping cold. Why not create your unique fashion statement while you’re at it? Our bold diamond jewelry pieces make you feel like you’re on vacation with dazzling crystals and artful masterpieces.


Are you intrigued? Browse through our latest Fall Collection of diamond and gold jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, earrings, mangalsutra, and other jewelry sets. We know very well that runway trends can be a bit intimidating, but our simplistic diamond jewelry is designed to offer the perfect work-life balance for you. Here are a few examples:

White Gold Diamond Necklace


The White Gold Diamond Necklace from Sona Jeweler’s latest fall collection is cherished for its lightweight and elemental design. Our white gold diamond necklace is a subtle piece of art with minimalist design patterns. Its light yet striking look makes it apt for every attire, making it a widely admired jewelry choice among millennial circles.

Diamond Pendant With Matching Earrings

Feast your eyes on our exquisitely handcrafted diamond pendant with matching earrings designed by Sona Jewelers and witness a perfect alignment of passion and skill. Every design we make is precisely executed to perfection to elevate your unique fashion statement. We’ve also sprinkled strategically cut stones in our diamond pendant set to make your personality sparkle with awe and singularity and make you feel on top of the world!

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

Years of skills and patient research have gone into creating our rose gold diamond pendant, with experts overseeing every moment, from sourcing the rough stone to cutting, polishing, and finishing every design pattern in the jewelry perfectly. Considering a long-standing dream of creating a perfect pendant, we add innovation and uniqueness to our rose gold diamond pendant by setting each stone with perfection and maximizing its aesthetic refinement.

 White Gold Diamond Mangalsutra With Matching Earrings

The Indian Mangalsutra is one of the most significant symbols of marriage, and our white gold diamond Mangalsutra with matching earrings expresses the eternal nature of matrimonial promises and commitments like no other jewelry. Adorning it will make your appearance splendid enough that you’ll leave a fashionable imprint wherever you go. The dazzling designs make you look radiant and glowing while suiting all outfits and events.

Long Drop Diamond Earrings With Pearl


Pearls are mother nature’s most serene and sincere jewelry options and can create awe-striking wonders when coupled with diamonds. Staying true to the natural scheme of things, our long drop diamond earrings with pearl carry intricate patterns, neatly cut and set diamonds, and perfect shapes. You can also choose from our endless collection of pearl earring designs for more options.

Long Drop Diamond Earrings

Your most special occasions deserve our most special earrings. So if your everyday earrings seem a bit too simple for your plans, you should try something a little bit bolder. Our long drop diamond earrings can be just what your traditional outfit or your cocktail dress needed to shine through.

Diamond Earrings 

Do you need an occasion to slip on our exquisite pair of diamond earrings? The diamond drop-inspired earrings from our latest fall collection may look delicate but are perfect for everyday wear. Even on the days when you feel like dressing up just for yourself, these diamond earrings crafted at Sona Jewelers are sure to add a smile to your face.




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