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A Walk Down the Memory Lane with Sona Jewelers

A Walk Down the Memory Lane with Sona Jewelers
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Can you believe the new year is already here? 

Yeah, just like that!! 2020 is right here, and we can’t keep calm. 

We have so much planned for you guys, and we’re hoping you’ll love us even more. 

So while we were planning things out for the coming year, we decided to look back and see what we have accomplished and how much we’ve been able to serve you. 

We realized that Sona Jewelers had decided to do something for all its lovely customers. In fact, everyone who was yet to become a part of our family, as well.

In February 2019, we were excited to share a special gift with one of the lucky USA residents. So, we released a contest that would give our followers an opportunity to win the famous Red Bottoms! 

Ooh, la la!

We planned to announce the winner on 14th February, the day of love and everything red. It was only fair that we gave away the gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin’s reds on this wonderful day. 

Imagine walking around in Louboutins with your date in the starry night. 

Yep, that was the plan!

We asked our followers to tag 4 of their friends on our social media pages and add their favorite emoji to the comments section. With an email submission, they were ready to participate in our contest. 

That’s what we asked them to do, and to our surprise, more than 200 of you liked our post, and we had about 250 people left comments on the post.

This was when we knew that it would be a tough task to pick a winner. 

At last click of the clock, although, we announced our winner and spread the love everyone deserves, and stayed true to our promise, as we always do. 

Back with a Bang

The success of this giveaway gave us a clear idea that we were doing a good job being jewelers. 

So in April 2019, we decided to release another contest that wouldn’t just benefit our women's customer base but also the men who are a part of our family. 

This time around, it was all about the strength and togetherness, with Avengers Endgame. 

Mainly, the contest was for all those hard-working parents, who would be managing jobs alongside raising happy and aware children, all while maintaining their personal life. 

Gosh, it’s such a task! Cheers to all the parents out there, doing their best. 

We understand how tough it can be. Taking into consideration the sacrifices that parents make, it was the right decision to reward with something that would give them alone time. 

With a whopping response of over 640 people liking our post, we figured how much this break meant to parents.  

While it may not take off the load off their backs, it sure gave them a little bit of alone time. 

An Urge to Spread the Magic

Since this contest was a huge success, we thought we could have a few gorgeous influencers do a photoshoot with us during April and May. 

Three willing influencers agreed to become the Sona Angels and showed our customers what they were missing out on. 

With their beautiful smiles and big hearts, giving a little boost to our jewelry, we were lucky enough to receive much love and affection from our lovely customers. 

Sona Angels are our unique program where we are dedicated to supporting our local desi females. Our aim is to uplift them as they and our community did for us. 

Giving Out the Desi Vibe

For anyone who is remotely desi at heart knows about K. S. Chithra and her magical voice. 

Well, celebrating 40 years of music would be incomplete without this Padma Shri winning legend. 

Sona decided to take a chance of asking Chithra to come and perform for her lovers in Jersey in May 2019. 

Luckily, she agreed to grace us with her presence and leave us awestruck with her performance. 

A Night with the Moon

In June 2019, it was time for us to show our love and appreciation towards our Muslim brothers and sisters. 

What better way to wish Eid Mubarak than to have an event where we would all come together and celebrate Chaand Raat? 

Sona Jewelers was able to invite Bollywood actor Omi Vaidya from 3 Idiots to join us in this beautiful celebration. 

The event was filled with so many fun things to do; we certainly hope we were able to live up to the expectations of everyone that showed up. 

Celebration Time

In August 2019, Sona Jewelers completed 30 years in the business, hopes to continue spreading joy with its exclusive jewelry. 

We were ecstatic, and the happiness had taken over us. 

During the same month, it was important that we celebrated the 72nd Independence Day of India. With our roots being attached to the Indian soil, we wanted to show a little homely love to our fellow brothers and sisters, staying away from their homes. 

We were genuinely overwhelmed by the response that we received. It was easy to see how much love we all have for our nation. 

With such a mood, we decided to plan another giveaway, thanking our customers for being so loyal and warm

Thirty years of Sona and 72 years of Independence, both combined, made everything much better. 

A continuous celebration, with a lot of hard work and passion, that was our aim. 

A Bit of a Break Later

It had been a high time since any of our customers had been showered with some Sona Love. 

So in October 2019, we finally decided to organize a giveaway. It was the ultimate pre-Diwali giveaway, and we were super excited to introduce the gift we had in mind. 

In an Instagram announcement, we told our followers that all they had to do to win this crazy expensive and fantastic gift, they’d have to submit their email address, and tag their best friend in the comments section. 

The same post showed two brilliantly made Series 5 Apple Watches. 

Do you see why we were so excited? 

At the end of the month, we announced the winners, and let us tell you; you could see the happiness overflowing from their eyes. 

This is what we live for!

Featuring a Desi Star

Sanam Hemrajani is a Doctor of Physical Therapy but has a knack for acting. She wishes to become a part of the Bollywood industry. 

Taking into consideration the values that Sona Jewelers has, it was only fair that Sanam got featured in one of our blogs, where she could share her story.

We want all of our intelligent and beautiful South Asian women to reach their potential. There are times when our women stop living their lives for themselves, but for others.

Can’t let that happen under our watch now, can we? 

So Sona Jewelers did everything in its power to push Sanam the way she wanted to go. 

Ending the Year

Remember how we completed 30 years of being in this wonderful business and meeting some of the most extraordinary people? 

So, to show our appreciation, we launched a giveaway where our customers had a chance to win a fantastic Louis Vuitton purse or an iPhone 11.

How cool is that? 

The entry to the raffle ended on the Year's Eve on 31st December. We hope you already participated in it. 

We’re planning to announce the winner very soon. 

Oh, and hey!

We almost forgot to tell you something super important. 

Sona also managed to organize something known as Dulhan Expo. The event had been organized for the brides to be. We wanted to make their life a little easier among all the chaos that might be going on in their minds and lives. 

Our modern-day brides deserve the best there is in the market, in terms of selection of venue, caterers, decorators, and virtually everybody involved in the making of a successful wedding function. 

Dulhan Expo had it all.

We sure hope we were able to help out our brides to be. 

Anyway, we have so much more planned for the upcoming year: more jewelry, more love, and more of everything that is precious. 

We hope to see you in 2020 and stay for years to come as a beloved member of the Sona family. 


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