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11 Unique Gift Ideas for Holiday Season

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Holiday Season
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There is a different kind of joy in picking out gifts for your beloved ones. Especially when the holiday season is on, and you want to give a present that would mark the best start of the year!

This holiday season, if you have taken your new year resolution to go green, then we’ve got you covered!

Many stylish and unique gifts are solely made from recycled materials. 

We bring you a list of gifting options to make 2020 greener and cleaner. 

If you have been thinking about gifting a stunning Diamond Pearl Drop to your lovely mother, then you can opt for eco-friendly packaging material. 

Let’s take a look at these gifts that would give you a feeling of "Yes, I did something for the environment." and of course, you made someone happy too, killing two birds with one stone!

A vintage painting

What more can be beautiful than a classic painting to start a positive new year? You can decorate the frame of the painting with unique old jewelry. It would give you a whole new level of sparkle and extravaganza!

A glittery cuff

If you and your beloved are going to get hitched this year, then how about gifting a DIY cuff. With a few pearls from your old broken jewelry decorated on the lace with crystals, your cuff is all set to be the show stopped of your wedding day!

Recycled market and gift bag

If your mommy loves wandering around the market, then gift her a market bag. Get her a chic, airy, spacious, and durable bag to hold a big grocery haul. Or else, opt for a ‘reusable’ tote bag, which is used for all purposes. Spread love and tradition using recycled gift bags.

Collapsible coffee cup and travel mugs

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? If you are a coffee lover yourself, then opt for silicon coffee that can be easily smashed and stashed in the bag.

For travel mugs, how about gifting a thermal porcelain mug that can hold up to 10 ounces of liquid and can be refilled at the nearest mall or restaurant?

A gold necklace packed with a recycled wrapping paper

Wrap all your gifts in a 100% recyclable wrapping paper emboldened with fresh designs and patterns.

Make sure you wrap your Ravishing necklace in a recycle gift paper this year.

Sustainable scented candles

Vegan candles are the latest fad these days. This festive season gift your loved ones some scented candles made from sustainably sourced soy wax and essential oils. Does your mom go gaga over scented candles such as clove, cedar, amber, vanilla candles? Gift her favorite candle that will initiate pure bliss vibe after a long, tiresome day.

Something sparkly in a reusable bag

Surprise your lady love with a heart-winning gift of Pearl Polki Necklace Set or a Flower Shiny Studs all wrapped into an eco-friendly gift bag or gift paper.

Make sure you don’t put peanuts in it! :P

A diamond pendant wrapped in silk scrunchies

Silk scrunchies are trending and will make a great pair with your strapless tube dress with an enchanting Spiral Rings Pendant or a timeless Pearl Drop Pendant. This can also be a great way to make people aware of the magic of recycled materials. 

Recycle products with style. It can't get any better. What would you say?

Sustainable starter kit 

If your special one is looking for ways to live more sustainably, then an eco-friendly starter kit is something you need to gift this 2020. It contains reusable food wraps, dryer balls, reusable paper towels, straws, and much more to help him/her in the eco-friendly shift. Look out for a bigger one that can be used for a longer period.  

A biodegradable planter

Nothing is better than bestowing your 'plant lover' bestie with biodegradable planters made purely from a mixture of recycled wood and bioplastic made from corn. You can even choose ceramic planters that come in adorable styles and shapes. 

How about indoor herb garden, plant bookend, or succulent planters?

Reusable straws 

Have you made up your mind to leave single-use plastics? Please share your thoughts with your friends and family by gifting them silicon or metal straws. They are handy and will make you stand out in the crowd. Silicon straws come in varied colors, and both come with cleaning tools and carrying cases.


Sona Jewelers is a family-owned business offering the largest selection of Indian traditional and modern jewelry for weddings and auspicious events. We believe that a small step towards the environment could make the world a better place for our future generation. 


Let’s welcome 2020 with a little more love towards nature.


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