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10 Best Baby Shower Gifts that a Mom-to-be Will Always Cherish

10 Best Baby Shower Gifts that a Mom-to-be Will Always Cherish
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Motherhood is a wonderful experience, and it is a crucial milestone for the mama bear who is pleasantly taking the pain for 9 months. Baby shower celebration is a great chance to spoil the expectant mama with all the essentials she might require later along with a huge parcel of memories to remember forever.


10 Interesting Baby Shower Gifts

If you have received an invitation for a baby shower from any relatives and are probably wondering of a thoughtful gift, then we bring to you some useful, unique and cool gift ideas. Jump right in to pick yours!


Gold for the ‘precious’ baby 

A gold stud for the baby girl or a bracelet for the boy is one of the most popular types of gift. The precious metal depicts grandeur, prosperity and loads of blessings for the younger ones. Even a customized gold necklace for the mother will be highly appreciated.

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White noise machine

This is a useful machine that will help in creating a quieter environment in your home so that your baby can have a good night’s sleep. This portable machine will give your baby a pleasant sound of the ocean breeze or relaxing waves playing in the background.


It is said to reduce stress levels as it gives a sense of safe space and provides assistance for the baby to sleep so that momma doesn't skip her sleeping routines.


A ‘sparkling’ pendant

Gifting gold is an age-old tradition in India. Like many, if you too have always longed to hear ‘Chachi’ or ‘Masi’ from a tiny trot, then you ought to spend well. Nothing is better than blessing him/her with prosperity and praying that the family’s apple of the eye stays healthy and wealthy.

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Personalized journal

Being a mother is the biggest blessing and every parent would love to cherish these moments as the baby grows. How about gifting a planner that can be used as a medical log, scrapbook, or a diary?

The soon-to-be-parents can stick pictures of their child’s first sonography, baby shower, baby’s first look, first steps, first birthday, first trip, and many more. The journal can be passed on to the child on his/her 18th birthday.


Prenatal & postpartum pillows

This is a practical gift that every mother would thank you during cramps and even after delivery. The horse-shoe shaped pillow helps in proper positioning and height while the extra-long midsection is best for tummy support. To make it look fancier, you can even customize the pillow.



A classic multi-functional bag

During an outdoor trip, carrying all the baby essentials like diapers, milk bottles, napkins, etc. are a must. Gift her a classic bag with extra pockets and insulated lining that makes her look like a ‘chic’ mommy. This waterproof backpack will be a savior for her!


Muslin swaddles

These cozy blankets are wrapped right after the baby is born. Several pediatricians have stated that swaddling help babies sleep longer and cry less. A muslin textured swaddle is a must-have for every new parent.

They are found in various sizes, shapes, and patterns and can be used as a sunshade, blanket, and nursing the infant. It is 100% cotton and will keep the baby warm. A pack of four unisex swaddles is a perfect gift.


A treat for the tired mom

Delightfully fragranced bath oil for the new or to-be momma bear would be another god sent gift. This will give her some good relaxing time after all the hectic schedule. The divine smell will surely replenish all her senses. Choose for organic and clinically proven brands that are safe to use.


Personalized baby clothing

Babies look adorable in almost everything! How about fitting them into tiny bumblebees or unicorns for the upcoming baby photoshoot? Probably, it might be early to gift these things, but the parents will truly love you after dressing their toddlers in those super cute costumes.


Baby wrap

This long piece of fabric is just perfect for your baby while the mother is at work. These baby slings are soft, stretchy, and more convenient than pushing a stroller. This would be a great choice for travel enthusiasts who can even go hiking through forests, mountain trails and wander the streets as the baby grows.


Baby teething jewelry

Chewbeads are now a fashionable option for new mothers and even safe for babies. These silicone bead necklaces are soft on baby gums and their emerging teeth. They are a great way to keep the baby engaged while nursing or attending rituals.

The accessories are made with 100% non-toxic materials and are devoid of BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium, and lead. Stay ahead of the trends with these bold styling neckpieces!


Pair of sweatshirts for the to-be-parents

Along with the feeling of being parents, gift them a customized pair of sweatshirts for the newly or to-be-mom-and-dad. A hoodie with a creative design over it can also be used for a pre or post-delivery photoshoot. Hunt down your designs and sent ‘em right away before the baby shower.


A skincare set

After all the sleepless nights and juggling between the baby and your household, the skin tends to look dull and tired. All she needs is indulgent skincare that is inorganic and non-toxic. Gift her a kit comprising of moisturizer, deep-conditioning body oil, cleanser, and even bath salts.


A jar of happiness

How about creating a DIY card or maybe a jar filled with her favorite dark chocolates, lip balm, spa gift voucher, healthy bars, anything that would make her smile? It is super easy to prepare. Buy a sleek jar or basket and pack all the desired essentials with small notes that will lift her mood.


A recovery kit

It won’t be the best gift but will be highly appreciated after she delivers. A recovery kit includes organic skin and scar balm to eradicate C-section scars and stretch marks, herbal perineal spray. You can also include maternity pads, Advil liqui-gels, laxative tablets, vitamin tablets, cooling pad, etc.


The moment he wakes up from a nap… Just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you’re alive and you’re just looking at him. That’s probably the most magical.” —Jessica Biel.

However, difficult the journey may be nurturing a child takes great patience and effort, sometimes it is nerve-wracking, but looking at your offspring is the greatest joy that vanishes all the pains. Gift happiness with Sona Jewelers. We offer the largest selection of Indian traditional and modern jewelry for all events.


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