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Bridal Photography 101: 10 Poses Every Bride Must Get Clicked in on Her Wedding!
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After months of planning and preparing, the day finally arrives, when your wedding ceremonies begin, and you’re going to get married!

It’s the day you’ve imagined since you found the one you would grow old with.

You want your day to be special and memorable; it’s obvious.

One of the best ways to keep the wedding day memories alive is by having your photographer capture every moment of the ceremony!

But first, you must pose. Pose so that when you look back, you see wonderful days and nights and happiness spread around!

1. Pose Like them Sabyasachi Brides

There’s a 99.9% chance that you’ve heard of Sabyasachi, seen his designs, and at some point, thought that the only dress you could get married is in one of his! Maybe things weren’t in your favor, but you could always pose like you were wearing his lehenga, right? Make sure that your pose and the photographer you’ve hired are bang on.

2. Let Nature Take Control

Photography is an art, and so is posing. Let your photographer take control and guide you through the process of letting nature do what it does best, looking beautiful. Let the sunlight, trees, and grass work their wonders on your bridal photo! Your train is going to be flowing in the air, creating patterns for the most epic photo ever.

3. Use the Veil or Dupatta to Your Advantage

Create a portrait-like photo by using the veil or dupatta. In one of the photographs, you could look straight up at the camera portraying a strong and beautiful woman. In the other, you could simply look away and show off the shy side of you (even if you don’t have it) which will emphasize your bridal jewelry and makeup. Double the win, right?


4. Play with Light and Shadow

Create a cinematic photograph with dramatically contrasting lights. With only a window providing the light and the remaining portion dark, your photographer could do a wonderful job with the silhouette and creating a high fashion photo, something that looks like this:

5. Use Props

Adding props to your photo will change the entire feel of the event and pose you’re giving. The image will get a boost when you use bright and colorful objects to intensify the idea you’re going for. With just a little effort, you can conveniently show off your Mehendi, outfit, and jewelry. Pose the right way, and your props shall elevate the photograph.


6. From the Top

Probably an all-time favorite, the classic photo from the top looks amazingly royal! There’s a reason a lot of brides prefer getting this photo clicked. The sheer elegance that will be captured in your photograph will be something you won’t ever forget. When you look back to your wedding day after years, you’ll see the happiness captured at that moment.

7. Twirl Freely

Your lehenga has been specially designed to be shown off when you twirl. Since none of your photographs will show off the intricate work that has crafted your lehenga, you must twirl to absorb all the pretty! Your twirling will show how happy you are on your wedding day, that you’ve left all your worries behind, and that you are ready to begin a new phase in your life.

8. Show the Bold Side of You

Today’s women are not afraid to show who they are, and it is a must that your photographer on your wedding day is able to capture the true you. If you want to pose with a motorcycle, do it! If you want to sit how your mother asked you not to since you were a child, go ahead and do just that. Pose so that your true self travels from you to the camera, and years later, you can be proud of yourself.

9. Get the Close Up

When else are you going to be this dressed up with a face full of professionally done makeup? Let the photographer get up close and absorb the radiance that your smile has. With a smile or a smirk, or just simply a poised structure of the face will add glamor to your photo album. Do you want to remember every detail of your day? Well, here you capture the tiniest bits of it!


10. Get one with the Hubby

He’s a significant part of your wedding day! Leaving him out would be like not having marshmallows in your hot chocolate. This one’s not about showing off, rather just about capturing the love you share in a photo. Your photographer can come up with various poses that you could flaunt to portray your bond.

Everything in a wedding is essential. Starting from all the arrangements, to the clothes, food, photographer, you name it!

In all of these, you must hire professionals who are experts in their fields, so they can help you make your wedding day a wonderful one. They’ll be able to capture your royalty with the clothes and jewelry you wear.

Sona Jewelers is a family-owned business. We remain committed to the surrounding community by supporting many philanthropic efforts, particularly those that encourage young girls and empower women to reach great heights. We inspect each and every diamond that comes in and moves out of the house in every piece of jewelry. All of our jewelry is certified under GIA.


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