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Celebrate a Year of Your Happily Married Life with Wonderful Gifts

Celebrate a Year of Your Happily Married Life with Wonderful Gifts
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Can you believe a year has gone by, a thousand little moments shared with love since you got married?

Time flies when you’re in love.

And when that happens, your anniversaries come sooner than they’ve gone by.

Well, it’s time to celebrate, do something different than your every day, and ensure that both y’all feel special.

So no matter how you decide to celebrate this special day, you will require gifts, right?

We’ve chosen some of our most appreciated and popular gifts, unique, and special for your anniversary.

Check them out! 

The Date Book

No, no! We don’t mean to say just any book that has dates written in it. Your personalized date book will have ideas that your other half can pick from when you guys can’t think of anything. This one could be made specifically for your husband if he’s the kind who cannot ever figure out what to do.

Fill it with ideas and alternatives for cool, fun, or romantic dates for the coming year. At least that way, there’d be one less thing to fight about!

 Travel Diary - Sona Jewelers


Travel for Diamonds

If you really wanna make this day special for her, then travel a little and bring her to us at Sona Jewelers. We have just released these fantastic diamond bangles that should be the most amazing gift you could ever give her! Shining bright just like her, we promise you it won’t take away her glow, only enhance it. You’ll probably be spared for missing out of a task or two or forgetting something else.



Couple Pajamas

How cute would it be if y’all roamed around the house in matching pajamas on a lazy weekend, baking, and watching Netflix through the day? Make sure that you know your partner's choice before you order these home. We’re sure the sleep enthusiast in you and your partner will awaken (or want to sleep) when you slip into your fresh pajamas.

 Couple Pajamas - Sona Jewelers


Anything Paper

Traditionally, you’re supposed to be gifting your spouse something made of paper. Anything from a novel, diary, planner, personalized newspaper, to a travel journal to store all the memories of your travels together, etc. would be superb gifts. In fact, you could even make a heart or a symbol that signifies your love in origami and gift it to your other half in a glass case. This would be a gift they’ll cherish forever!

 Anything Paper Gift


Modern Love Affection

This one can be considered as the gift of the year. If your wife is into jewelry and loves to attend parties, then buying her a unique pair of drop earrings would be a hit show for sure. Made in 18K Rose Gold and starring 102 diamonds, she will be the center of attention at any party. These earrings are so fabulous that she might end up wearing them and keep admiring herself in the mirror throughout the night.


Drop Earrings


Something Symbolic

The modern symbol of love that is passionate and young has come to be known as carnations. It is the quintessential gift for a couple who has spent a year, happily married, intertwined with each other and creating an understanding for the future. To show love and admiration, red carnations are the ideal option. Unlike your regular flowers, carnations will stay healthy in a vase for a long time.


Coupons of Love

When you let your imagination run wild, anything could happen. Well, when you decide to make these love coupons, you should let your mind be free. Your partner could avail these coupons anytime in the coming year. Decide if you want your coupons to be all about love and fantasies or the practicalities in life. See, both work, they have their own charm.

 Coupon Gift


Constellation Map

Do you remember the day, date, and time you met, or when you fell in love with your partner? Maybe you don’t. But, hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a constellation map. You need two things, the date and the location of an essential day in both of your lives. Add a short message at the bottom of the map and voila! You both have the lovely sky sitting above your bed.

 Constellation Map


Year One Engagement Ring

Your better half deserves an upgrade after living with you a year and dealing with your tantrums. We’re sure you’ve had your share of dealing with their thoughts too, but your first anniversary is the right time to show that you care. Gift her an upgraded version of the engagement ring from Sona Jewelers. Her happiness will be out of the world when she sees this Marvelous ring.


Indoor Plants

With everything going on in the world, we all deserve some indoor plants. Their physical and mental benefits cannot be counted on one hand. A gift that will work for the both of you, a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a bunch of low light plants, will enhance the feel of your home and leave you refreshed.

indoor plant 

The first year of a marriage can be dicey, especially if you’re a desi couple who agreed to opt for the arranged marriage option.

For those of you who had been in a relationship for long, and then made the sound decision of spending your lives together, it could still be tough.

Appreciating each other, your efforts, and everything else that goes on in the regular is essential.

We hope that all of your anniversaries are as unique as your first one and that your love never fades.


Sona Jewelers is a family-owned business. We remain committed to the surrounding community by supporting many philanthropic efforts, particularly those that encourage young girls and empower women to reach great heights. We inspect every diamond that comes in and moves out of the house in every piece of jewelry. All of our jewelry is certified under GIA. 


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