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Eye Catching Accessories that Elevate Your College and Office Looks by Sona Jewelers!

Eye Catching Accessories that Elevate Your College and Office Looks by Sona Jewelers!
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While working and studying from home was tolerated when there was a compulsion to stay at home, it doesn’t feel the same anymore.
As the number of successful vaccination of Americans increases, cities and states are opening up and people are moving around freely. This also means that most of us will go back to our desk jobs, numerous back-to-back classes, get stuck in traffic, and socialize, among other activities we used to despise pre-covid. 
On the other hand, we will also regain our freedom to accessorize as we like with outfits we love and show them off!
Whether you’re going to attend school or go back to your place of work, you want to look your best!
And how will you do that??
With Sona’s stunning and unique accessories, of course! Be fashion forward as you re-enter a brand new post-covid world!
Let’s dive right into it.
1. Masks and Corporate Attire
Time to take our masks with us to work. Ideally, you want to wear the medical grade masks, but if you’re under the age of 60, you could get away with wearing a non-medical fabric mask. You already knew that!
Rather than the crazy masks you’d wear on a grocery run, a corporate environment would require you to wear plain cotton linen masks. They would look professional and leave a positive impact on everyone you meet at work. 
To match with these super simple masks and professional attire, you want to opt for some charming earrings.
2. Men and Bracelets
Those who have a flair for being creative and are open to fashion styles, know how important it is to pair a nice bracelet with their suit or casual look. You could choose from a variety of options and learn about how to pair each of them here
You must take your time to pick out the bracelet and pair it with the right clothes for them to be impactful. If you thought the world was a harsh place before COVID-19, imagine what it would be now! We’re here to help you get that right fashion in!
3. Uniforms and Accessories
If your school requires you to follow a strict dress code and you want to stir things up the right way, then check out some really simple gold chains that will elevate your look. You don’t have to do a lot with these, just a chain and some studs will do the trick. For an after-school trip to the mall you could add a cute little owl pendant to the chain and voila! You’re classy and ready for some chill time.
4. Play with Hair Accessories
You can add your own touch to hair accessories and make them as unique as your personality! Whether you’re going into work or school you can opt for a classic and sleek pony with a black hair tie. A few stone embellishments or a golden geometric design on it would be the way to go. Since your hair is pulled out of your face, you can wear diamond studs with your formal wear. This is the kind of look that everyone can nail!
5. Watch & Bracelets
Remember those good old days when we would pair our watches with some of the most delicate yet eye-catching bracelets? Well, it’s time we began doing it again!
You must checkout the wide range of bracelets that Sona has to offer. You’ve got everything from gold to rose gold and silver in terms of metal, and various designs to leave you in awe! Choose one that will work with your analogue or digital watch, and whether it will work for your office or school environment.
6. Rings are In
If there’s one thing that will never go out of fashion in terms of professional attire, then it’s rings. You could potentially pull off crazy design with the right kind of outfit. For the purpose of keeping things simple, we suggest you pair this Sona ring with your casual school wear or up-to-date pantsuit. Most of the times, silver or platinum accessories are accepted in most work places and schools.
If you’re going to go on a date right after work or school, then you might want to check out this guide.
Life is going back to normal, slowly and we want you to get ready for it. 
While the entire process of getting back out there might seem like a lot to process, it will have to be done. Feeling good on the inside can also come from dressing up and looking like a God or Goddess! If you’re the same, then we’re sure you’d be worried about how you’re going to pull off elegant attires after an entire year of being in pyjamas!
That’s exactly why we decided to lend a helping hand. 
Good luck with leaving a lasting impression on everyone you see at work and school with bang on clothes and accessories! We hope you can let your personality shine through it all


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