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How To Care For Indian jewelry

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Women love their jewelry. Given the chance, they would buy everything they lay their eyes on. Be it bangles, rings or jewelry sets, even the most delicate or detailed pieces. Women will buy the jewelry they love. Let us help you find what resonates more towards your style aesthetic. We have been helping women find jewelry they desire for as long as we can remember.

At Sona, we pride ourselves in the satisfaction of our customers. Maintaining the quality of the products we provide will always triumph profits.

Here’s what one of our loyal customers Nisha, creator of Love Laugh Mirch, has to say about us:

“We’ve been shopping at Sona Jewelers for over 10 years. My engagement ring, our wedding rings, birth gifts and so much more have been from Sona and those pieces all hold a special place in my heart.”

Taking care of your jewelry is as important as buying it. Recently, we shared a few tips with Nisha on how to clean and care for Indian jewelry.

Storing your precious jewels:

  • If you didn’t always do this, start now. Store all your jewelry in different boxes. It will prevent the pieces from scratching with each other.
  • Antique jewelry must be packed separately in moisture-resistant polythene bags. Add silica packets to avoid discoloration.
  • Take your time getting ready and then wear your precious jewelry. Lotions, perfumes, and makeup will harm your jewelry.

Cleaning them with care:

  • If you happen to own any pearl jewelry, then cleaning them with water is fine.
  • For diamond and plain gold jewelry, jewelry ultrasonic cleaners are apt.
  • Depending on the type of jewelry, you might want to hold off cleaning it at home. Go to the store you bought it from, they’ll help you out.

The frequency of cleaning jewelry:

  • We all have some pieces we love to wear every day. For such pieces, you might have to use ultrasonic cleaning techniques (go to your jeweler) once a month.
  • But for heavier pieces that mostly stay safe in cupboards, annual cleaning will be enough.

In the end, a few general tips that’ll help you: 

  • Prevent wearing any delicate jewelry when cleaning or dusting, working in the kitchen, or doing any heavy duty work.
  • If your jewelry contains pieces of precious stone, it would be advisable to stay away from a lot of heat as it may cause discoloration.
  • Wipe off your jewelry before putting it back in the box since the sweat and dirt may cause reactions, making your jewelry dull.

That’s all for this post, we hope to have been able to give you information that’ll help you keep your jewelry clean and pristine. Share this post with your BFFs who may be wondering how to care for their jewelry. 

Sona Jewelers ensures clients they are receiving a quality product. We inspect each and every diamond in house. Our jewelry is certified under GIA. 


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