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Look Like A Diva This Navratri With Our Uncut Diamond Jewelry

Look Like A Diva This Navratri With Our Uncut Diamond Jewelry
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The Navratri season is synonymous with jewelry mainly because it has always been celebrated with so much pomp and glory in the Indian culture. Impressive necklaces with matching earrings have been the go-to choice of jewelry for most Indian women, so you can add more shine to this auspicious festival by choosing a gorgeous uncut diamond necklace that covers your entire neck. The large diamonds set in the center of the pendant, with small ones adorning the ends of the earrings, are guaranteed to make heads turn.

Our stunning bangles featuring various swirling, floral, and motif designs are also a hot favorite during the Navratri season. Necklaces and bangles can also be matched up with a pair of exquisite earrings or even a traditional nose ring. However, choosing the right kind of earring or necklace for your elegant Navratri look will require keeping your dress and hair color in mind. For instance, if you are going for a royal look, an uncut diamond-studded necklace or choker with other fabulous accessories is perfect. But for the party people, our striking bangles go along perfectly with uncut diamond necklaces, earrings, and other eye-catching accessories.

You should keep in mind the exact measurement of the bangle or necklace you want to buy before purchasing Navratri jewelry. It will help you ensure that you’re getting the right size of the jewelry. Once you have decided on the kind of Navratri jewelry you would like to wear, you can browse through our online shop and choose some of the best designer jewelry collections for yourself.


Stunning Uncut Diamond Bangles

Uncut Diamond Weight - 15.03 carat
22kt Gold
Price: $13,180

This stunning pair of Uncut Diamond Bangles goes well with both western and desi Indian attire. Our Navratri collection of Indian-style Uncut Diamond Bangles is made in pure 22kt gold and is guaranteed to make you fall in love with such centuries-old Indian traditions.

Our Uncut Diamond Bangles from the Navratri collection features unique designs inspired by aesthetics all over India. Our collection includes 22kt gold uncut diamond bangles made in the image of both South Indian and North Indian women. So you should browse around our online shop to pick the best one for you.

 Uncut Gold Earrings

 Our Uncut Diamond Jewelry Navratri Collection comprises this gorgeous 22kt gold earrings embedded with uncut diamonds. Although our collection has a vast assortment of impressive earrings ranging from dangling hoops to small studs, the shimmering 22kt uncut gold earrings are classy and subtle. They feature traditional designs along with modern patterns.

With intricate geometric ornamental designs that act as eye candy for people around you, the pair of uncut diamond-studded earrings create a magical effect when matched with the right wardrobe. Apart from adding a magical glam to your beautiful persona, these lustrous uncut diamond-studded gold earrings can complement your style and exude a royal vibe.

Uncut Diamonds Weight - 8.55 carat
22kt Gold
Price: $3,880

Classic Gold Necklace Set

Uncut Diamond Weight - 22.3 carat
Ruby Weight - 3.10 carat, 22kt Gold
Price: $13,825

The elegance that raw and uncut diamonds offer for the new-age women is unmatched. The classic gold necklace set from our Navratri collection personifies the modern Indian woman as an effortless blend of contemporary thoughts and cultural traditions.

Our latest Navratri collection promises a piece of luxurious jewelry adorning experience by melding uncut diamonds in pure 22kt yellow gold. The master-level craftwork used in our classic gold uncut diamond necklace set makes every jewelry piece a fashion statement in itself, perfect for self-made women of essence, strength, and confidence.

Uncut Diamonds Choker Necklace Set

Nothing enhances the beauty of women better than exquisite gold jewelry. However, our beautifully crafted 22kt gold choker necklace studded with uncut diamonds will make you glitter more than stars. This uncut diamond studded choker necklace set highlighting traditional designs can glamourize even the most conventional-looking outfits. So, if you are experimenting with your classic wardrobe this Navratri, the easiest way to shine is to adorn our uncut diamonds choker necklace set and dazzle the floor.

Uncut Diamond Weight - 36.59 carat
22kt Gold
Price: $25,000

Traditional Necklace set

Traditional Necklace set
Price: $9,600.00

Usually, the traditional gold necklace sets are shelved as an accessory for weddings and family functions. However, our range of stunning uncut diamond-studded necklace sets has attained a resurgence in the last few years. So if you’re wondering where you will find the most enticing Navratri jewelry, we have already presented you with an exquisite range of compelling diamond and gold jewelry designs that are sure to have taken you in awe.

You can also find all the latest uncut diamond embedded gold jewelry for this Navratri season in our online shop.


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