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Majestic Indian Weddings: Traditions and Rituals across Our Nation

Majestic Indian Weddings: Traditions and Rituals across Our Nation
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A typical Hindu wedding is a perfect amalgamation of traditions and rituals that vary across distinct caste, religion, ethnicity, region, etc. All these unique customs help combine local, religious, cultural, and family traditions that speak about India’s diverse cultures and religions. 

A bejeweled bride will remain a timeless Indian tradition. A gorgeous Polki diamond set with a statement Rani Haar, gold or Kundan choker set, and intricate temple jewelry is a must-have.

These days, modern Indian weddings are less inclined towards big fat Bollywood-style extravaganzas and are more about planning your wedding your own way. You will be swoon over the intricate decor, personalized wedding cards, stunning bridal jewelry, thoughtful reception details, fusion music, etc. If you are looking forward to preparing for a grand and awe-inspiring wedding, then read this blog until the very end.

We cannot forget about exotic pre- and post-wedding photoshoots that have now become a lot more elevated as couples choose to travel far to places to create style-forward and memorable photos. 

Even in all these, people still love infusing traditional rituals to create a wedding vibe. The real joy of Indian weddings is singing on your friend's Mehendi, dancing in your son's Baraat, and sister-in-law hiding the groom's shoes. The list is very long, though.

On this note, let's walk through India's rich culture and brush up your knowledge about weddings across India. 

A magnificent Indian wedding is traditionally multi-day affairs, involving intricate ceremonies, Bollywood-styled Sangeet, legendary Baraat, extravagant reception, and a lot more. 

Let's get started.


Punjabi Wedding:

You might have heard people saying that ‘Punjabiyan di battery charge rehendi hai.’ Punjabi weddings are loud and extravagant as always.

You can find a dazzling array of colors on display wherein ladies are decked up in designer lehenga-cholis and heavy gold jewelry. At the same time, gents adorn heavy sherwanis and branded suits.

The bride looks no less than a goddess wearing a red & white chooda and gold kalira. A regal, neck-hugging choker engraved with gemstones, uncut diamonds, or polkis implores her prepossessing look.

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A Punjabi Hindu wedding has a lot to it right from Roka and Mehendi to Sehrabandhi, Mooh dikhai ki rasam, and Pag phera. The marriage ends with a grand reception party that will leave you mesmerized by its splendor and philosophical rituals.


Gujarati Wedding:

Gujarati weddings are all about vibrant Chanya cholis, Panetar sarees, and Bandhani dupatta. It’s like seeing a palette of colors everywhere.

Gujju weddings are full of rituals, and you will never have a dull moment. The pre- and post-wedding traditions start with the Chandlo vidhi, Jaan, Jaimala, Madhuparka, Vidaai, and the list goes on.

On this day, the bride looks elegant wearing her expensive Kundan rani haar, Damini, Butti, Kandora, Kundan bangdi, and more. You can also try a Rajwara style necklace or go for an antique necklace set to match your red bridal attire.

These studded pieces of jewelry accentuate the bride’s overall look.

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Bengali Wedding:

If you've witnessed a Bengali wedding, then you would surely agree that it's a visual delight. These weddings are full of color and vivacity.

The Bengali bride looks beautiful in a red saree, Mukut, kumkum, and Chandan, white and red bangles, gold necklace, and Topor as she enters the Yagna site residing on the shoulders of her family members while seated on a special wooden poyol.

The bride is the main attraction with Chandan, kumkum on her face, and Alta designs on her hands.

Bengali jewelry looks classic with simple designs that will make any connoisseur go weak in the knees! The popular Mantasha bracelet, Pathi haar, and jhumkas magnify the bride's beauty.

Ratnachur is believed to be the most bought piece of bridal jewelry that gives the bride a regal look.

Sona Jewelers offers unique Bengali jewelry that reflects the beauty and simplicity of the bride.

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South Indian Wedding:

This is a broad-term, as South Indian weddings can be either Tamil, Telugu, or Kannada, with different cultures and customs. Just the thought of South Indian marriage takes us back to dangling mango leaves, plantain trees, and marigold flowers. Right!

The bride looks gorgeous in her red Kanjeevaram silk saree with magenta blouse adorned with intricately-designed gold jewelry. South Indian brides have the perfect balance between their jewelry and hair accessories. That's a must-do for a modern south Indian bride.

The bride's layered matha Pattis, temple necklaces, heavy chokers, and a few cascading diamond pieces make them look royal and classic.

The South Indian wedding has a rich culture holding a bunch of vibrant traditions.

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These beautiful traditions make every Indian wedding an experience to be always remembered.

As the wedding season approaches, witness some of the finest Indian traditions and wedding ceremonies to feel the essence of India's diversity. For bridal jewelry, choose Sona Jewelers for their finest gold and diamond jewelry.

We are a family-owned business offering Indian traditional and modern jewelry for weddings and auspicious events since 1989. Each and every jewelry is certified under GIA, and we inspect every diamond that comes in and moves out of the house. Visit us today!


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