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Praising Craftsmen and Their Artistry in Today's World!

Praising Craftsmen and Their Artistry in Today's World!
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What shines best in any piece of Sona Jeweler's jewelry is the artistry of our Craftsman. Our Craftsmen have shown unrivaled skills in carefully making shimmers over the years, allowing us to carry your timeless jewelry. Their vision, creativity, and attention to detail deserve to be recognized, and we make every effort to do so.

A jewel is a piece of personal jewelry. Bracelets, pins, necklaces, earrings, and brooches made of precious metals and often set with gemstones fall under this category. If you want to learn more about our jewelry, we have the best collection for you right here.

Blessings for a Gold Engraving!

We aim to provide the best possible treatment for our Craftsmen, from providing adequate accommodation and schooling to ensuring a safe work atmosphere that includes upskilling training.

When the pandemic's unforeseen surge made it tough for many, we equipped all of our Craftsmen with the necessities and assured their safety during this extraordinary period.

Why Do You Pick Crafted Jewelry Today?

With the advancement in technologies, the jewelry industry has grown over time, each piece of jewelry started as a treasure made of gleaming gold and diamonds, crafted by a master craftsman.

Today, Sona Jeweler's crafted excellence lives on, and we want to share the magnificent creations of our craftsmen and continue this legacy with today's artists, dreamers, and innovators.

The Human Being's Decision!

Our brand ideas revolve around the human being. Sona Jewelers believes in "made how" in addition to "made in." Our artisans take great pride in their work and put equal effort into each piece of jewelry.

Thanks to our noble fabrics, our styles are unique and will stand the test of time. We design stunning items that bring you pleasure and enthusiasm every time you put them on.


Jewels that Radiate Tradition's Beauty!

We continue to make jewelry that honors our country's rich heritage, from taking the splendor of traditions to celebrating classical art styles. Our artisans have collaborated on many pieces, ranging from the Rajwara Set, created for a royal look, to our most recent festive jewelry.

Over 1000s of artisans contributed to the Rajwara collection, which includes various craft types from across the world. Rajwara is a collection of traditional jewelry that celebrates the beauty of unity. It was created using a variety of techniques from around the world.

This range features traditional necklaces, exquisitely made bangles, earrings, and many other mesmerizing items.

For more information on our jewelry designs, please read our blog on “Our sparkling jewelry designs to make yourself feel prettier and feel like a princess!”

Rajasthani Gheru is another timeless set that is simply precious, as it was created using traditional techniques such as electroforming, casting, and tubing. This series features styles for the working woman and the numerous special events that she will encounter in her life.

Overall, these creations are a work of art and a testament to our unrivaled craftsmanship.
Our Polishing Duties!
Polishing precious metal jewelry pieces necessarily involves any familiarity with various polishing substances and buffing tools. It aids in the high-quality finishing of delicate metal jewelry pieces with a polished shine.

By slowly moving the buffing wheel and merely placing the polishing compounds against the wheel as it spins. When polishing jewelry, it's important to remember not to rush the process and take it one step at a time.

Polish Comes in a Variety of Forms:

  • Heavy Cut: If you're equipped with precious raw metals or brass and need a high degree of audacity to obtain a specified finish, the Heavy Cut range of polishing compounds is a good option.


  • Medium Cut: The Polishes in the Medium Cut range are excellent all-around. This has a relatively low level of audacity, which allows for less cutting and more polishing.


  • Finish: With a simple but effective polishing compound and a far higher grease content, you should expect your pieces to have an extremely professional shine.


  • Super Finish: A Super Finish Polishing Compound Is Used For a Mirror Finish, High Shine On Aluminium, And All Brass Anodes With A Soft Cotton Or Wool Buffing Wheel.

With Our Designs, We're Doing Something New!

Although many of our pieces are influenced by patterns and art styles, we've also experimented with new methods to produce unique pieces.

The Rajwara Range, a laser-cut and tubing jewelry collection, went on to win the most coveted award for product design. These creations are fragile, and they are ideal for everyday wear for the modern Indian woman.


The Bottom Line!

All of our designs are a celebration of love for our Craftsmen, who are an essential part of the Sona Jeweler’s family. We sincerely agree that their well-being is the foundation of our future.

Please contact us at any time for more information on jewelry and its requirements.


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