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Sona Jewelers: Celebrating 3 decades of success, happiness, sparkle, and love!

Sona Jewelers: Celebrating 3 decades of success, happiness, sparkle, and love!
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It was about to happen! Krina had waited for so long for this day, as her uncle shared with us. The autumn evening with the breathtaking sunset was the perfect ambiance that Krina and Jason could have hoped for on their wedding.

As the wedding ceremony began, Jason and Krina felt nervous, just like they were on their very first date or the night Jason proposed. Jason had bought the Interlaced engagement ring from the Sona Jewelers shop. 


Sona Jewelers believes in making each and every experience of its customers extraordinary.  We were so excited to hear about Krina and Jason’s love story that we just had to share it!

Krina's friends took her in a building that featured exposed brick, restored stairs, and double-hung windows. Meanwhile, Jason was waiting outside his house in NJ for his sister, who was to take him to Sona Jewelers. Yes,  Jason was about to propose Krina after only five months of dating.

Jason's family had been buying from Sona Jewelers for more than a decade, so naturally, Jason knew he had to go to Sona.


The jewelry you buy is a clear reflection of your taste. 

Jason, while proposing, nervously struggled to get the right words out, but the 18KT white gold ring he had picked for his love was sparkling bright. Of course Krina said yes to the love of her life. Krina and Jason are now happily married.  Krina still adores the ring and keeps it close to her heart. 


Since 1989, Sona Jewelers are committed to ooze its customers' personalities. 

From the beginning of our story, we have always welcomed customers wholeheartedly, and that is what helps us differentiate ourselves from other jewelers.

Let's hear what one of our recent customers had to say about us:

We came to shop for less than $3000 and ended up shopping over $6000. Excellent customer service by Saham. Very friendly. Good price and a unique collection.


We believe that our customers need not take forever deciding the jewelry to buy.

Whether it's a customer looking for a gorgeous simple Square Pendant or one who spends hours working with our staff to design custom jewelry, we always aim to make every shopping experience a fun and easy one.

Read these from two of our prime customers: 

Akik: Great Place to shop for amazing Jewelry. We shop here usually 3 times a year. Khushboo was very helpful. We will be back again soon.


Shelanti: Great service and very polite and also helpful. The representatives are very educated and talented for the products they sell.


When Shelanti was at Sona Jewelers, she explained to our representatives how she was fed up of the gold plated jewelry she got from other shops.  At Sona Jewelers, we have set a standard for providing excellent customer service along with quality jewelry which is GIA certified. 

Our customers are always completely satisfied with the jewelry we provide. They are confident to wear it gracefully and come back time and time again to see what they can add to their collection.


Sona Jewelers

vows to serve you without any condition

honors your preferences each and every day

supports you when you are confused about the jewelry to buy or gift

promises you to gift a memorable experience with our elegant pieces of jewelry


It's all real at Sona Jewelers! 

Serving customers with cheeky and charming pieces of jewelry since 1989 has enabled our artisans to tailor jewelry according to the needs of customers.

We can say this as we provide jewelry to our customers made with real diamonds. It’s hard to differentiate real and manufactured diamonds with a naked eye. But at Sona Jewelers, our customers can rest assured as they will buy diamonds with the best reflection and refraction of light.

Our customers who've been with us through this journey of 30 years can feel the emotional sense that they attach to our pieces of jewelry and our service. It's captivating!

We have an intriguing and fascinating collection of rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and wedding bands. The connotation of our products is all about beauty and sweetness.


Gold is not what we are only known for! 

We make regal and mesmerizing pieces of diamond jewelry too. In the last few decades, there has been a rising demand for diamond jewelry pieces, and the diamond jewelry market in the USA has boomed. Sona Jewelers recognizes the demand for these flawless, unblemished gemstones. 


To conclude,

Krina and Jason are our happy customers now. And so are Shelanti, Akik, and everyone else who has experienced the lustrous collection, and our service which is indeed an allegory of putting our customers and their values first.

We take pride in saying that we are a part of our customer's happy family. Visit us and we will celebrate your visit by presenting with some of the most tantalizing pieces of jewelry.


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