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The Easy Accessorizing Guide for Men: Beginning with a Bracelet!

The Easy Accessorizing Guide for Men: Beginning with a Bracelet!
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Accessorizing our outfits has been a part of our culture for a long time. But somewhere in our journey in becoming modern, we lost our way. We went from a civilization where every person of the community would wear different accessories according to their taste to limiting who wore what kind of jewelry. If you look back in history, you’ll find the simplest pieces. A necklace made out of fish bones, and we can only assume that a man wore it too!
A decade ago, men would have been denied the pleasure of wearing jewelry.
It’s time we normalize it!

At Sona Jewelers, we want you to find a piece of jewelry that you love!
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Coming back to how every man can style his outfit with a bracelet, we’ve got a few ideas that should help you!

In recent years, the bracelet trend has become widespread. 
It can be said that every modern man should wear a bracelet to go with their attire. 
You can pick and choose from an array of options like:

  1. Gold Bracelets
  2. Bracelets made of Bone
  3. Glass Bracelets
  4. Leather Bracelets
  5. Bracelets made with Beads

    And many more. 
    The trick is to understand which kind of bracelet works with your outfit the most. 
    For us, if we saw you wearing a simple gold bracelet, we’d be impressed!
    The thing about a precious metal is that it works with casual, business, and even black-tie attire! 

    With one gold bracelet, you’re set to rock the party on every occasion!
    For simplicity purposes, let’s get on with the actual details!

    How to Wear a Men’s Bracelet

    As we said before, if you’re just starting to add accessories to your closet, you want to go slow. Pick out simple bracelets, like the Men’s Stylish Two-Tone Bracelet by yours truly!
    Its simplicity and premium look will not go unnoticed. 
    You want to make sure that it complements the watch you’re going to wear. Ideally, you want to wear your watch and bracelet on the same wrist, but if it’s not comfortable, then it’s okay. 
    If you’re wearing a gold bracelet, try to pair it with a simple black watch. Too much gold might be blinding.


    Stack ‘em Up

    Different bracelets can be stacked up to create a cohesive look for a casual lunch. You must remember to stack the thin ones, where one of them is a bit wider than the others. This will help you achieve a balance.

    Also, try not to mix too many different metals together. Keep it simple—one metal with varying belts of leather holding the entire piece together.


    Take a look at some of the 22k pure Gold bracelets at Sona Jewelers.  


    A Bare Wrist

    If you’re the kind of person who isn’t a jewelry fan but wants to explore the world of accessories, then the best option for you is to wear a bracelet on one wrist only. You should go for something that is very simple and stylish. Avoid anything too shiny for your first time wearing a bracelet. Once you get the hang of it, you can add a couple of bands to one wrist, as we mentioned before.



    Proper Fit

    A lot of you might be afraid of looking feminine while wearing a bracelet. Let us be the first to tell you that this is not true. If you get a bracelet that fits you well, you’re going to look dashing with a put-together look. If you have slightly thicker wrists, then you might want to choose a bulkier bracelet. On the other hand, if you have thinner wrists, then the best way to go about wearing a bracelet is a thin one. 

    Check out the Men’s Stylish Bracelet for a casual and fitted look!
    In this age of Instagram, everything seems easy. 
    You come across videos that are along the lines of:

    Want to style something you’ve never tried before? Here’s a way!

    How to wear something in an appropriate manner

    Pairing two random items of clothing and accessories can be done in three easy steps.

    And so much more!
    It can be an overwhelming experience if you’re starting out!
    So, we want you to calm your nerves and experiment with different ideas. 

    For a complete look, depending on where you’re going, you want to accessorize. Your wardrobe must include a pair of stylish cufflinks, a thin gold bracelet, an analog watch, and a fancy yet easy-going ring. 
    These accessories have the ability to bring a sense of cohesion to different looks. 

    Of course, wearing all or any of these is not mandatory. 
    Towards the end, here’s a short FAQ that might help you figure out your style of wearing men’s bracelets. 


    Is it okay to wear a bracelet to the gym?

    It depends on the kind of bracelet you’re wearing. Say you’re wearing a beaded bracelet, then it would be a complete no-no. There are a lot of chances of it being broken. If you were wearing a gold bracelet, thin and flexible, it would be okay. In fact, something like that would even work with your fitness tracker!

    Which wrist should the bracelet be worn on?

    Don’t let anyone tell you which hand the bracelet goes on. There are no rules when it comes to choosing a hand to wear the bracelets. As long as it doesn’t bother you while working, you’re good to go.

    Would it be weird to wear bracelets on both wrists?

    Of course not! You want to make sure that the visual weight on both arms is contrasting. If your left wrist has a thick metal bracelet, then the other wrist should have a lighter bracelet. 

    We hope you have a newfound love for men’s bracelets and that you will explore it. Sona Jewelers ensures clients are receiving a quality product. We inspect each and every diamond in the house. Our jewelry is certified under GIA.

    With the advancement in technologies, the jewelry industry has grown over time, each piece of jewelry started as a treasure made of gleaming 24k gold and high-quality diamonds, crafted by a master craftsman.

    Today, Sona Jeweler's crafted excellence lives on, and we want to share the magnificent creations of our craftsmen and continue this legacy with today's artists, dreamers, and innovators. We are always here to help you out!


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