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This Spring Accessorize Yourself With The Latest Trend, Not With The Faded Ones

This Spring Accessorize Yourself With The Latest Trend, Not With The Faded Ones
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The cold is finally giving way to Springtime to come in.

As the weather gets warm, we can all rejoice in putting away all of that bulky winter clothes. It’s time to dust off your cutest open-toed shoes and lightest jackets. Every Spring we see interesting design trends arrive on the market. Be it jewelry, clothes, or shoes - the spring collection is one that fashion enthusiasts and stylists look forward to.

Jewelry is one way to set your style by changing up your look. This spring, a number of trends are emerging in the jewelry design world and some trends may even turn a head or two.

Here are some of the favorites from our collection that will embody the hottest jewelry trends for this spring.

Share Pronk Ring 

The DAWN TO DUSK - every step involved in the making of this ring is carried out with meticulous design and craftsmanship. Buy the Share Pronk from Sona Jewelers and be one of the many who can experience something as joyous and as beautiful as the spring.

The ring comprises of proportions of 0.72ct diamonds, and symmetry that creates a breathtaking look that maximizes sparkle and brilliance with any attire you wear.

Purchase one of these timeless 7 band diamond rings and become the owner of a piece of jewelry made from one of Sona Jewelers personal chambers.

Every day Fox Chain

The EVERYDAY FOX CHAIN is one necklace that brings gold to life with sparkling reflections of light. It has a radiance that goes far beyond the eyes.

The sparkling 22KT gold chain pays true homage to spring's delight.

The necklace has a charming, effortless transparent shimmer that carries a smile that can play on the lips.

The link chain can be the architect of moments of happiness amidst the sparkle of the rope.

Leaf Motif Bracelet

A smooth caress against the wrist of the Leaf Motif is enough to fascinate its wearer.

The bracelet stands out for their understated elegance and glistening play of gold and diamonds.

The bracelet comes with 8 Diamonds of 0.23 ct and 70 Diamonds of 0.50 ct beautifully embraced in leaf design in 18KT rose gold.

Spiral Pendant

Spring is the epitome of how beautiful changes can be.

It's now time to move your pearl necklaces and make room for some irregular-shaped and eye-catching sculptural designs in your jewelry wardrobe.

The SPIRAL PENDANT from SONA Jewelers is made in an 18 kt rose gold and is composed of 505 round diamonds of 2.07 ct.

The pendant is a true symbol of courage and strength due to its bold clarity and color.

Layer with other necklaces and adore the arrivals from fine jewelry designers all over the world.

Pear Bracelet

Spring arrives and brings with it the party vibe.

This bracelet is made out of 364 diamonds of 0.98 ct, 48 marquise diamonds of 1.18 ct, 8 pear diamonds of 0.32 ct, 8 pear diamonds of 0.40 ct, 16 princess diamonds of 0.20 ct and are the most comfortable bracelets you can find this spring.

Add a hint of some petals to any spring outfit with these statement bracelets.

​What would this mean for your wardrobe?

Your jewelry wardrobe will restore its playful freshness and the potential to go out with unique silhouettes.

Marquise Stud

Take your earring game to a new level with a pair of these amazing studs.

Don't expect these studs to last for long, as these are hot favorites right now.

The options of charms are endless and this earring can combine with any high-wattage-shine dress in a seamless and attractive way.

The earrings by Sona Jewelers come with 180 diamonds of 1.02 ct, 4 pear diamonds of 0.31 ct, 4 marquise diamonds of 0.23 ct, You can try this with a cocktail dress to elevate your look and attract attention.

Mother Of Pearl Bracelet

A bracelet that never misses a beat is what will complete your look in spring.

This ideal bracelet to accentuate your wrist comes with 30 diamonds of 0.16 ct, 14 diamonds of 0.51 ct with a mother of pearl of 1.15 ct.

This bracelet by Sona Jewelers features comes with an awesome luster and awesome looks that can be added to any outfit for a bold statement.

The collection will allow you to glitter and shine in Spring's new baubles.

Share this post with your near and dear ones who may be wondering how to compliment their attire this spring.

Sona Jewelers believes in delivering the best Quality products and have lived up to our name for Generations. We inspect each and every diamond that comes in and moves out of the house. All our jewelry are certified under GIA.


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