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Tips for wearing jewelry in winter

Tips for wearing jewelry in winter
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It's no secret that most of us dress according to the climate and occasion. We always choose our dresses and ornaments keeping comfort and functionality as the main factors. Even the stylists of today consider comfort in their designs. While it's easy to flaunt your style during summers with accessories, winter fashion accessories are the talk of the town!

In this blog, we’ve listed interesting tips for wearing fine jewelry this winter to enhance your trendy and stylish look:

1 - Pair the winter wear with RINGS AND BRACELETS in layers to bring a bit of warmth in the chills.

Every woman likes to get dressed for important or casual occasions. In winter, you can allow creativity in styling by matching your jewelry with the colors and layers of clothes. The jewelry you wear can be the game changer.

  • Rings – You can create a complementary textured effect by wearing multiple rings on a single finger or you can even wear a large ring in a finger. Complete the look with a simple band on the next finger.
  • Bracelets – Pile mixed bracelets of classic pieces such as chunky links, jeweled bangles, and leather cuffs. Match the color with your dress for the day. But avoid the messy look.

2 - Invest in a show-stopping ARMBAND

There is no need to go with skinny bracelets in winters as you can't slide it over your gloves. Instead, you can go for bigger cuffs that can easily be put on your wrists and they won't even get covered under your jacket. Whatever the thickness of your sweater sleeve is, you can show off your band.

Sri Lankan history transcribes that brides used to wear armbands to ward off ill luck.

3 - Let NECKLACES be the subject of your experiment in winter

Contrasting styles of necklaces – one short, medium and a long one will match perfectly with your fashionista look. Moreover, wearing the newly-styled jewelry on a jacket or an overcoat will be a cherry on the cake.

A matinee styled necklace can be worn between the collarbone and the bust on top of any dress. Yes, it simply goes with anything!

France is the fashion capital of the world. One reason French women keep themselves dashing all through winter is by interchanging necklaces.

4 - Timeless EARRINGS will go with everything and keep the milieu warm

Dangling earrings over your winter clothes are a show-stopper. You can go with either modern and graphics or folk-inspired combining colored romantic details. Earrings allow each and every one to assert your own style in a confident way.

Studs are a perfect choice during a windy weather as they are immovable. Immaculate and classic!

To draw the curtains

I would like to suggest you favor your skin tone over a trending color. If your skin tone is cool, then silver or diamond will look good on you. Likewise for people with warmer body tone, gold will be the best choice. Never sacrifice your personal style by imitating others. Your own choices make you unique. So be sure to find jewelry that is best-suited and speaks out your personality.

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