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Top 10 Most Stylish Gemstone Rings Worn by Celebrities Across the World!

Top 10 Most Stylish Gemstone Rings Worn by Celebrities Across the World!
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While diamonds are a girl's great weapon and the traditional choice for a wedding ring, colorful stones are a pattern that continues to appear on the ring finger of many celebrities. Choosing a bright diamond is a new spin on the classic engagement ring and wedding ring, and the candy-colored sparklers are one-of-a-kind and breathtaking. 
Numerous celebrities have pursued the trend over the years, but only a few specific gemstone rings have stood out and been a fashion symbol for us. Let’s check them out!


1. Princess Diana's Ring

We'll never forget Princess Diana wearing the iconic diamond-and-sapphire cluster Marguerite ring. The Princess of Wales was regarded as the most famous fashion model of the twentieth century. Princess Diana may have been known as the "People's Princess," but her jewelry box was a real gem. 
It included her trademark pearl chokers, shimmery tiaras, twinkling headbands, and, of course, her dazzling Sapphire engagement ring. However, after four decades, the royal wedding ring, popularly known as the Princess Diana ring, is regarded as one of the most famous jewelry pieces in history.



2. Empress Josephine

Napoleon met his future queen, Josephine, in 1795. Even though Napoleon did not have that much money, he decided to spend and bought his beloved a beautiful ring consisting of a gold band with a pear-shaped diamond and sapphire in a famous 18th-century setting called "You and Me." 
In 2013, an unknown buyer bought the plain but sizzling stunner at auction in France for close to a million dollars.


3. Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton's bluish sapphire engagement ring is perhaps the most popular in history. The Duchess of Cambridge wears the ring that Princess Diana wore, and the iconic royal ring features an 18-carat gemstone and sapphire stone bought by Prince Charles in 1981. 
The ring's valuation has risen over time, and it is currently worth half a million dollars. However, no economic value will compare with the exquisite ring’s emotional weight and Prince William’s emotions when he bent down to propose to her with his mother's ring.


4. Blake Lively 

As Ryan Reynolds engaged to blonde actress Blake Lively, he took an unusual course. The actress's engagement ring is a two-million-dollar pink diamond set in rose gold with tiny pave diamonds across the band. Jeweler Lorraine Schwartz specially made the pink diamond ring to have an Art Deco theme.



5. Jackie Kennedy 

The ring cost more than a million dollars and was modeled by Van Cleef & Arpels. The ring stands out due to its distinctive shape, and the mixture of baguette crystals, diamond highlights, and emeralds with diamonds makes it an unusual and unforgettable engagement ring.



6. Halle Berry

Halle Berry wears one of the most eye-catching engagement rings and one of the most expensive. Her one-of-a-kind 4-carat emerald ring has an unusual arrangement. French jeweler Robert Mazio designed the hand-forged gold ring, and the square-cut emerald is surrounded by two tiny diamonds on one side of the ring. 
The flawless, translucent emerald ring holds Phoenician codes allegedly representing the couple's love tale, making it much more valuable than the ring's approximate worth of $200,000.
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7. Jessica Simpson 

Jessica Simpson, a singer, and comedian married Eric Johnson in 2010. Johnson went to jeweler Neil Lane, who told him to select a romantic, 5-carat ring with a big ruby in the middle and two diamonds on each hand. The pair treasures the gold ring because the diamond is Jessica's birthstone, and the ruby is the stone that symbolizes passion. Smaller diamonds encircle the band around the custom ring.


Our Ruby ring is the perfect one to gift your soulmate on a special day of your life. 


8. Elizabeth Hurley

Model, actress, and fashion designer as cricketer Shane Warne proposed marriage, Elizabeth Hurley accepted a square-cut sapphire engagement ring. The ring has two 2-carat trillion-cut diamonds on either side of the large 9-carat sapphire, and it is worth more than $100,000.
 Owing to the importance of the sapphire in Britain, which symbolized royalty and is a royal family’s favorite, the platinum ring may contain a sapphire.


9. Kelly Clarkson 

Kelly Clarkson, the former American Idol winner, has made a lot of progress from her modest beginnings in Texas. Brandon Blackstock proposed to the famous singer with a jaw-dropping square-cut yellow canary diamond ring, and she said yes. 
Jonathan Arndt designed the ring, which features a flawless yellow diamond flanked by smaller diamonds and diamonds adorning the band. The $150,000 ring is among the most discussed and stunning colorful engagement rings of all time.


10. Carrie Underwood 

Mike Fisher, a professional hockey player, proposed to country singer Carrie Underwood with a canary yellow diamond engagement ring. The ring, constructed by jeweler Jonathan Arndt, comprises 12 diamonds, with its yellow diamond weighing approximately 5 carats. 
It features a nearly flawless, oval cut yellow diamond in the middle, surrounded by smaller diamonds. The ring is worth over a million dollars, and her engagement ring ideally complements the diamond for a breathtaking collection.

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